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These days, the vast majority of us understand the advantages of having internet access. Whether it’s online shopping, social networking or working from home, a fast and reliable broadband connection can transform your everyday life.

However, the benefits of the web don’t stop there and there are plenty of other advantages you might not be aware of. We take a look at just a few below.

House prices

With the internet such a big part of day-to-day life, it has become a key consideration when people look for a new home. A reliable broadband connection is a major asset for any house and can boost a property’s value as a result.

Indeed, in 2012 a study by Broadband Choices found only electricity is seen as a higher priority than internet access when people move into a new home.

Director of property website Rightmove Miles Shipside told the organisation: "In this digital age, a fast broadband connection is becoming more and more important for home hunters.

"People don't just rely on a good internet connection for browsing the web, but also TV, entertainment and working from home."

Broadband Choices research also found 20 per cent of house buyers would be happy to pay more for a property with a strong broadband service.


Thanks to the internet, people now have more information at their fingertips than ever before and it's never too late to start learning.  What's more, the vast majority of this information is completely free and websites like Wikipedia are a great way to boost your knowledge about more or less any subject.

There are plenty of opportunities for more formal learning as well, with all sorts of online courses and qualifications now available. Indeed, many of these can be completed without having to leave the house.

Money making

If finances are a little tight and you could do with earning a little extra cash, the internet is the ideal place to start. Websites like eBay are the perfect way to get rid of old and unwanted items while bringing in a few pounds in the process. Indeed, some people even manage to make a living on the site.

Perhaps the best thing about this type of website is that it allows you to buy and sell from the comfort of your own home, meaning there's no need to lug a load of items down to the nearest car boot sale.

Have you considered satellite? 

A high quality, reliable internet connection is needed to take advantage of the benefits listed above and sadly this is something that's not available everywhere in the UK.

If you live in such an area, it would be worth your while to consider switching to satellite broadband. This technology is reasonably priced, available now and capable of providing high-speed connections regardless of location. 

Indeed it was recently described by Oliver Johnson, the head of respected broadband analyst firm Point Topic, as a "real competitor" for other forms of internet access.

If you'd like to know more about satellite broadband, click here to find out.

Posted by Mark Wynn