Survey shows need for better broadband in Stirling header image

A new survey has revealed there are considerable discrepancies in the standard of broadband services in Stirling. 

Carried out by the Stirling Observer, the study found speeds in the area range from more than 20 Mbps to 0.188 Mbps. 

Many of the slower connections were in rural locations and local politicians have called for the level of services to be improved.

Bruce Crawford, MSP for Stirling, told the newspaper: "I welcome this survey by the Stirling Observer, which demonstrates that broadband capacities currently available for some local communities in the Stirling area are simply too low and must be improved."

Stirling MP Anne McGuire claimed the results of the study highlight the need for government action to improve internet access. 

She claimed the importance of broadband to businesses in rural areas cannot be underestimated and is particularly vital for the tourism sector.

People living in the Stirling area could boost their connectivity by using Tooway satellite broadband.

Posted by Mark Wynn