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Here at Avonline we passionately believe satellite broadband is an ideal way to improve broadband connectivity in the UK and Ireland. However, we don't expect you to simply take our word for it, so here is an overview of what some industry experts are saying about the technology. 

Reaching a tipping point

In July, the chief executive of broadband analyst firm Point Topic Oliver Johnson singled out satellite as a means of improving internet access across the European Union. 

"Now that 20 megabit bandwidths are commonly on offer and some tariffs offer customers unlimited data, the case for satellite broadband has, in our view, reached a tipping point," he commented. 

Mr Johnson said satellite broadband now represents a "realistic alternative" for people who want to improve their level of internet access and claimed the technology can go a long way to connecting the 20 million people across Europe who currently have no fixed broadband services.

"Satellite isn't just for those hard to reach areas anymore it’s turning into a real competitor for bandwidth provision in a number of situations," the industry expert added.

The Tooway satellite broadband service provided by Avonline fulfils all of the advantages discussed by Mr Johnson. Speeds of up to 20 Mbps are available, which is above the 18 Mbps UK average recorded in an August Ofcom study and well in excess of the typical 9.9 Mbps connection in rural areas. Furthermore, you can receive unlimited data allowances through some of our packages.

Mr Johnson was speaking in response to official figures released as part of the European Commission's Digital Agenda Scoreboard, which found satellite broadband has helped an increasing number of people go online across the continent.

He also pointed to a blind test carried out by Ofcom in which users rated satellite as providing the best service as further evidence of the advantages of this technology. 

Rural benefits 

Another industry expert who has spoken out in favour of satellite broadband is shadow cabinet office minister Chi Onwurah.

Writing for ComputerworldUK in July, the politician claimed this technology could be used to increase competition in the coaliton's attempts to bring high-speed internet to rural areas, which is currently dominated by BT.

"We must put pressure on the government rep to make available spectrum to enable wireless and satellite services to offer greater competition in rural areas," she commented.

Ms Onwurah accused the coalition of "betraying" people in the countryside by failing to do more to improve internet access in the UK's more remote locations and criticised its Broadband Delivery UK project for being behind schedule.

She told the news provider the government is responsible for every rural resident and business that is currently struggling with a slow and unreliable connection.

The broadband service provided by Avonline is ideal for people living in the countryside, as it is available immediately and all that's required to get connected is the installation of a small satellite dish and modem. What's more, this can normally be done within a few weeks of placing an order.