Broadband uptake highest among ethnic minorities header image

The UK's ethnic minorities are more likely to have a home broadband connection, according to new statistics. 

A study completed by Ofcom found the majority of minority groups have a higher level of broadband take-up than the 71 per cent average for the UK as a whole. 

The internet is most popular among Asian Indians, with 82 per cent of this group having a home connection. 

Ofcom also found minorities are more likely to download music online. This is most common among people of mixed ethnicity, with 45 per cent of this group purchasing songs online compared to just 26 per cent of the population as a whole. 

Black Africans classed themselves as the most IT savvy, with 62 per cent disagreeing with the statement computers confuse them.

The study revealed minorities are keener to embrace new gadgets than the population as a whole, with 37 per cent saying they love using the latest devices compared to the UK average of 30 per cent.

Posted by Mark Wynn