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The UK's young people have a clear preference for online shopping over the high street, a new report has revealed. 

Digital marketing agency Amaze has carried out a study of ten to 15-year-olds, which revealed youngsters expect web-based retail to become increasingly prominent in the years to come. 

Around three-quarters of the children surveyed said they prefer shopping online and nearly all of them had made an online purchase at some point, the Drum reports.

When asked for their thoughts on the future of the high street, the majority of respondents said they expect more stores to go the way of HMV and run into difficulties as the UK's retail habits evolve. 

Indeed, many of the young people claimed many high street outlets will become 'showrooms' where people can go and browse products before purchasing them via the internet.

One respondent stated: "Even though I rarely actually bought anything from there [HMV] I enjoyed browsing."

The report also revealed young people have a largely “rational” and “unsympathetic” view towards the struggles of the high street and feel little sympathy towards retailers who are forced to close down. 

Natalie Gross, Amaze chief executive, "The shopping habits of the Amaze Generation has undergone a revolution, with shopping online clearly gaining in popularity.

"This savvy, technologically connected age group are clear about what they want – ease of use, convenience and choice," she added.

Another trend highlighted by the Amaze study is that of 'social shopping', which is where young people share a photo of something they are considering buying with friends and read online product descriptions and reviews. 

"The importance of social shopping and the influence of peers online is also a huge factor that retailers and brands need to take into account," Ms Gross added.

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Posted by Craig Roberts