Northallerton to hold broadband meeting header image

Many parts of the UK currently suffer with slow and unreliable broadband connections and local communities and councils are keen to take action on this issue. 

One example of this is Northallerton in north Yorkshire, where a meeting is to be held on the issue, the Northern Echo reports. 

According to the newspaper, broadband is set to be the main theme of the Northallerton and Villages Community Forum's annual general meeting, which will take place on September 11th. 

The event is set to discuss the Superfast North Yorkshire project, which aims to provide 90 per cent of the region with high-speed connections by the end of next year. 

However, it will also focus on what the remaining ten per cent who are not included in the project can do to improve their service.

An ideal solution for these people is satellite broadband, as it provides a high-speed service regardless of location and, unlike the Superfast North Yorkshire scheme, it is available now.

Posted by Craig Roberts