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Residents of a Suffolk village who have been campaigning for faster broadband for three years, may have finally caught BT's attention. 

People living in Haughley Green have been "angry" due to a lack of connectivity for a significant amount of time, but their efforts could finally be about to be rewarded, the East Anglia Daily Times reports. 

Local councillor Rachel Eburne told the newspaper the villagers' campaigns have been noticed and she is now "hopeful" the issue will be resolved. 

"Up until recently people were very angry because it’s a small community - it’s about 80 houses and it was just being ignored.

"BT and Suffolk County Council has now said they will sort it out and we are waiting to see if that’s going to happen. We are hopeful that it will," she stated.

A spokesperson from BT told the news provider the company is committed to improving connections in Haughley Green, but the work is expected to take a while to complete as the firm's broadband lines are too far from the nearest cabinet to provide a service at present. 

Residents of the village who cannot afford to wait for their internet access to be improved could benefit from satellite broadband, which is available immediately and can provide high speeds regardless of location. 

People living in Haughley Green are lucky that they stand to be included in BT's fibre broadband rollout as many similar villages across the country are set to miss out. 

One such example is the A25 corridor in Kent, which may be omitted despite local residents campaigning about the issue, the Westerham Chronicle reported in July. 

Kent County Council's cabinet member for economic development Mark Dance told the newspaper the decision about which areas receive a broadband upgrade is not a "popularity contest" and will be based on the most realistic engineering solution.

People in this area could also benefit from Avonline's satellite broadband.

Posted by Craig Roberts