Holidaymakers 'increasing broadband usage' header image

An increasing number of holidaymakers are making use of Wi-Fi connected services when taking a trip in the UK, new research has revealed.

According to data published by BT Openzone, the level of Wi-Fi usage for Brits heading on a summer getaway has grown by 350 per cent over the first two weeks of the summer holidays in comparison to the same time last year - highlighting a significant level of growth in the number of people surfing the internet while on the go.

Indeed, the temperamental summer weather means many families may have found their camping getaway something of a washout to date, but the advent of satellite broadband and more powerful and faster Wi-Fi has meant Brits have been able to while away the hours online in peace.

With a satellite receiver attached to a caravan or holiday home, Brits can benefit from superfast broadband speeds without the need for a physical cable connection to a local cabinet. This means holidaymakers can take their superfast broadband with them when heading on vacation.

The ability to check emails, play games and stay in touch with loved ones more easily via the internet means roaming high-speed services are becoming an increasingly important aspect of planning a getaway.

Indeed, Chris Bruce, chief executive of BT Openzone, stated: "Technology is coming to the aid of the traditional British holiday, as more and more people opt for more glamorous camping holidays.

"Wi-Fi is proving to be a simple but essential way for holidaymakers to access the internet and to keep their families amused during unpredictable weather."

Holiday and leisure parks have become increasingly popular destinations for holidaymakers in recent years, with almost two-thirds (65 per cent) of Brits planning a domestic getaway in the UK this year.

Figures recently published by Travelodge revealed 27 per cent of those considering a staycation in 2013 will be heading to rural destinations, with 'glamping' (glamorous camping) among the most popular activities for summer travellers.