BT 'ignoring unprofitable areas for broadband' header image

BT has been criticised for ignoring areas of the UK that are deemed unprofitable for its rollout of fibre optic broadband. 

The Hoskins family in the West Sussex village of Cuckfield have complained that their housing estate, which is home to more than 200 people, has not been given access to super-fast services while others areas of the settlement have. 

Speaking to the Guardian, Tom Hoskins commented: "If we were on top of a remote hill somewhere I could understand it, but there is fibre only a few feet away."

Mr Hoskins, a digital advertising executive who needs a reliable internet connection for his work, contacted BT's chief executive Ian Livingston about the issue and was told it would not be profitable to install fibre services in the area of Cuckfield where he lives.

"The issue with a small cabinet is the economics of running fibre and electricity to it are very poor," the BT leader stated. 

A possible alternative for the Hoskins family and people in a similar situation is satellite broadband.

Posted by Craig Roberts