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It's hard to imagine how we ever got by without the internet. For many of us the web has become so ingrained in our lives, it's a real rarity if we go a day without using it. 

However, not everyone is able to make the most of the advantages of being online. A large number of people in rural areas are forced to struggle with slow and unreliable connections, while even some households in cities are blighted by a poor service. 

Do these problems sound all too familiar? If so, Avonline satellite broadband can put an end to your online woes. Read on to find out how. 


Satellite broadband connects to the internet via a signal that's transmitted from a satellite in space and this means it's accessible from anywhere where you can see the sky. So, whether you live in the Scottish Highlands, Lake District or a Cornish village, you'll receive the exact same level of service as someone using our technology in central London.  

Speed and ease 

One of the major problems that has held back broadband developments in the countryside is the lack of infrastructure. The services that are commonly used in cities, such as fibre optic and ADSL, require time consuming and expensive developments like the construction of telephone masts and laying miles worth of underground cables. 

However, satellite broadband skips this problem entirely. All that's required to connect a property via satellite is the installation of a small dish, which is then linked to a modem via a single wire. This only takes between one and two hours to complete and then you're ready to go online - it's as quick and easy as that.

Limited environmental impact 

The fact satellite broadband requires such a low level of infrastructural development is also good news for the environment. Telephone masts and street-side cabinets are not particularly nice to look at and can have a damaging impact on the countryside. 

In June, a resident of the Yorkshire Dales told the Daily Mail several masts had been constructed in the national park without consultation and there are fears the same could happen in areas of natural beauty across the country.

When it comes to a broadband connection, speed and reliability are always the most important factors. By choosing Avonline you won't have to worry about either. The Tooway service we provide can now reach speeds of up to 20 Mbps, which is well above the UK average reported by organisations such as Ofcom and Akami. 

Furthermore, satellite connections don't suffer from common problems such as being too far away from a data exchange and loss of service caused by damage to underground cables. When using our technology you are also much more likely to receive top speeds, as the network is not slowed down by being shared with others.


Satellite broadband is available now, and here at Avonline we can normally get you online within two weeks of placing an order. We are the UK's leading provider of the Tooway service and have worked all over the UK and Ireland.