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The time is right for satellite broadband to improve internet access in the European Union (EU), according to an industry expert. 

Following the release of the European Commission's Digital Agenda Scoreboard, which revealed satellite services have helped people across the continent to go online, Oliver Johnson - Point Topic chief executive - claimed the technology has an important part to play in expanding connectivity further.

He stated: "Now that 20 megabit bandwidths are commonly on offer and some tariffs offer customers unlimited data, the case for satellite broadband has, in our view, reached a tipping point."

Mr Johnson claimed many people across Europe may be unaware of satellite technology and the level of service it can provide, but he believes this could slowly be changing. The Point Topic chief said the development of KA satellites - which are used by Avonline - has made this type of connection much more attractive. 

He pointed to a report from the US Federal Communications Commission, which revealed satellite services are most likely to provide the maximum speed advertised, as evidence of this. 

Furthermore, a study by Ofcom saw users rank satellite as giving the best browsing experience after completing a blind test.

"Satellite provides a realistic alternative for anyone who wants internet access," Mr Johnson stated.

Research from Point Topic has revealed there is in excess of 20 million people across Europe who cannot access fixed broadband and a further 200 million who are unable to go online with a super-fast connection. Mr Johnson believes satellite has an important role to play in solving this problem. 

"Satellite isn't just for those hard to reach areas anymore it’s turning into a real competitor for bandwidth provision in a number of situations," he concluded.

The Tooway satellite broadband service supplied by Avonline delivers all of the benefits discussed by Mr Johnson. It can provide speeds of up to 20 Mbps, an unlimited data allowance package is available and a connection can be set up within just a few weeks of a customer placing an order.

Posted by Mark Wynn