Buntingford struggles with slow broadband header image

Slow and unreliable broadband is a problem that plagues households across the UK and a good service can be particularly hard to come by in small settlements in rural areas.

A prime example of this is Buntingford in Hertfordshire. According to the Hertfordshire Mercury, businesses in the town are being particularly affected by a lack of connectivity. 

Bob Pearce, managing director of local firm LBT Computers, told the newspaper: "These days, it’s not just nice to have broadband - it’s absolutely essential. Our customers find it vital, not just a matter of convenience."

Mr Pearce claimed residents of Buntingford are having to rely on connection speeds of just four Mbps, despite the fact a much faster service is available in nearby Royston. 

The town is waiting to hear if it stands to benefit from the government's Broadband Delivery UK project, although even if it is included in the scheme it may take several years for a high-speed service to be made available. 

A faster alternative is the Tooway satellite broadband technology provided by Avonline.

Posted by Craig Roberts