BT accused of 'ignoring homes near business parks' header image

It has been suggested that BT is choosing to ignore homes near business parks in its super-fast broadband rollout. 

MPs and rival internet service providers have claimed the company is doing so in order to protect is leased-line service, for which it charges significantly more than for its standard fibre connections, PC Pro reports. 

The issue was raised at the recent Public Accounts Committee (PAC) meeting, which looked into BT's partnership with the government in the Broadband Delivery UK project. 

TalkTalk chief executive Dido Harding, who is a vocal critic of the company, stated: "The reality is BT has a lucrative leased-line business and rolling out super-fast broadband to business parks would cannibalise that business."

Meanwhile, PAC chair Margaret Hodge, claimed BT is "blackmailing the public" by only improving connections in areas where it receives state funding.

BT defended itself in a statement and claimed it is "shocked and mystified" by some of the comments made by the committee.

Posted by Craig Roberts