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The UK has the seventh fastest broadband services in Europe, according to new research. 

Akami's latest State of the Internet report revealed the average connection speed in Britain was 7.9 Mbps in the first three months of 2013, which is up by 7.3 per cent on the previous quarter.

This puts the UK above other large European nations like Germany, France, Italy and Spain, but it still lags behind the likes of Austria, the Czech Republic and Sweden. 

The fastest average connection on the continent can be found in Switzerland, where the typical speed was 10.1 Mbps. The Netherlands came in second with 9.9 Mbps. 

Britain's broadband services are some way behind its other global competitors, as the average connection in South Korea reaches 14.2 Mbps - making it the fastest in the world. Fellow Asian nations Japan and Hong Kong were ranked second and third. 

Internet access in the US was moderately faster than in the UK, with a typical speed of 8.6 Mbps.

Akami's research revealed the peak connection speed in Britain was 36.3 Mbps, which means the country was the fifth best in Europe in this regard. 

It also found that 20 per cent of UK connections are ten Mbps or faster, while 73 per cent are four Mbps or more. 

The organisation recorded a ten per cent increase in the total number of unique IP addresses accessing the web worldwide since the first quarter of 2012 and broadband speeds have risen across the globe as a whole.

Author of the report David Belson commented: "This quarter's State of the Internet Report shows continued positive growth in terms of internet and broadband adoption worldwide. 

"We have seen overall increases in average and peak connection speeds along with greater broadband penetration on both a quarterly and annual basis."

Tooway satellite broadband can provide speeds of up to 20 Mbps, which is well above the UK average. 

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