Thousands of Welsh homes 'have no broadband access' header image

A significant number of homes in Wales are without broadband access, according to Ofcom's director for the country. 

Speaking at a Royal Welsh Agricultural Society show hosted by the Farmers' Union of Wales, Rhodri Williams said as many as 5,000 premises do not have access to a reliable connection, Farmers Weekly reports. 

He added that rural areas in Wales are 13 times less likely to have super-fast broadband than major towns and cities. 

This demonstrates that a large number of people in the country are still having to make do without a good level of internet access, which is now considered a basic necessity across most of the UK.

However, residents of rural Welsh areas could benefit from satellite broadband. This technology only requires the installation of a small satellite dish and modem to function, making it ideal for remote locations. 

It can provide speeds of up to 20 Mbps, which is well above the UK average for rural areas.

Posted by Mark Wynn