BE told to alter 'unlimited' claim header image

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that BE Broadband must not describe its services as 'unlimited'.

Complaints were received after BE used the phrase in reference to three of its broadband packages. 

However, the company had sent out emails to a minority of customers who were using more than 150 GB of data asking them to limit their activity, particularly at peak times. 

While no fees were charged and no accounts were suspended, the ASA ruled that the claim 'unlimited' was misleading as it suggested that no data limits were in place, when this was not the case. 

A statement from the organisation said: "Although it affected only a small proportion of customers, the service was restricted for those using more than 150 GB in a month on some exchanges and was therefore not unlimited."

Several internet service providers have had adverts banned by the ASA in recent months, including Virgin Media and PlusNet.

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Posted by Mark Wynn