BT fined for Highlands road works header image

BT has been fined for carrying out unsafe road works as part of its broadband improvements in the Scottish Highlands. 

The internet service provider has received the maximum penalty of £50,000 from Scotland's road works commissioner after engineers endangered public safety with bad practices. 

These included leaving large unmanned holes in pavements with no warning signs and operating an excavator on a footpath without providing a safe route for pedestrians. 

Elspeth King, road works commissioner, stated: "I hope this action sends out a clear message to all organisations carrying out road works in Scotland that poor performance will be identified and penalised."

While BT is attempting to improve broadband access in the Scottish Highlands, its services require costly and time-consuming infrastructural development such as that discussed above. 

Another way to get a super-fast connection that does not need this sort of work is satellite broadband

All this technology requires is the installation of a small dish and modem on a property and it is available immediately. 

Posted by Craig Roberts