90k Freeview homes set to be affected by 4G header image

The rollout of 4G mobile broadband is set to affect Freeview television at 90,000 UK homes. 

This is according to at800, the organisation tasked with protecting the service when 4G becomes publicly available.

4G will be transmitted at a frequency of 800 MHz, meaning it could interfere and block the Freeview signal for some homes. The service that is already provided by Everything Everywhere uses a frequency of 1800 MHz, which does not impact on TV reception.

Postcards have been sent by at800 throughout the UK to warn people who may be affected. It has called for anyone who experiences disruption to their Freeview service to get in touch with the organisation. 

4G is the next generation of mobile broadband and is set to become widely available throughout the UK later this year. 

However, a survey by ISPreview earlier this month revealed that many internet users are still sceptical about mobile broadband, with usage limits seen as a major drawback.

Posted by Craig Roberts