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The Post Office has launched a new project to try and encourage more Britons to use the internet. 

It's 'Get Connected' campaign wants to reduce the number of people who have rarely or never used the internet, which currently stands at 16 million. 

The organisation is a founding partner of the Go ON UK initiative that aims to make sure every individual, business and community in Britain can benefit from the web. It has pledged to make the UK the most "digitally capable" nation in the world. 

There are a number of statistics that support the Post Office's view of the importance of internet access. According to the 2012 Race Online project, the average household could save as much as £560 each year by shopping and paying its bills online. 

Furthermore, public services organisation claimed the web can be a vital means of helping the 3.1 million elderly UK citizens who suffer from loneliness and social isolation. 

Online proficiency is also a huge advantage when it comes to job hunting, as a 2009 study by the Nielsen Company found that 90 per cent of positions now require basic internet skills, while research by the Centre for the Economics of Education highlighted that people with good IT skills tend to earn ten per cent more than those without. 

Paula Vennells, Post Office chief executive, stated: "The internet is a huge part of everyday life, but there are millions of people who are missing out on the benefits of being online. It is a real disadvantage being excluded from the better deals and offers only available online." 

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Posted by Craig Roberts