High-speed rail money 'should be spent on broadband' header image

The government should use some of the money it is investing in the HS2 high-speed rail line on improving broadband services, according to the chairman of TalkTalk. 

Sir Charles Dunstable, who is also the head of Carphone Warehouse, said he agrees with critics of the scheme who believe improving the UK's internet access would be more beneficial in the long run.

It has been argued that by the time the HS2 line is completed in 2026, technological advancements such as video conferencing will mean there will be less demand for people to travel between cities. 

However, he told Computer Weekly that diverting some of the project's £33 billion budget into broadband would be difficult to achieve and BT would oppose the move. 

"It's incredibly complicated to do. You would have to split BT in half and BT would fight that very aggressively," Sir Charles stated.

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Posted by Mark Wynn