Broadband satellite to be launched into orbit header image

A new satellite broadband module will be launched into orbit.

If all goes to plan, four satellites will provide high-speed connectivity to poorer households across Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific.

Many homes in these areas struggle to access broadband because of their rural and remote nature, but O3b Networks - which launched the system - hopes this will be solved thanks to its innovative solution.

Speaking before the launch, Brian Holz, chief trading officer at the firm, said: "We are very close to launching a network that has the potential to change lives in very tangible ways and that is a tremendous feeling."

A second batch of satellites will be launched in September and operations are expected to begin in November this year.

Increasing numbers of people all around the world are utilising satellite broadband as it provides remote areas with high-speed services.

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Posted by Craig Roberts