Nearly 99% of Aberdeenshire residents want faster broadband header image

Close to 99 per cent of residents in Aberdeenshire want faster broadband, according to a new survey. 

A poll run by Aberdeenshire Council found there is an overwhelming desire for better internet access in the area, the Deeside Piper and Herald reports. 

Survey postcards were sent to every address in the region, with a total of 12,000 being returned - a response rate of more than ten per cent, which is four times the standard for mail shot campaigns. 

Of those people who got back to the council, 98.6 per cent expressed an interest in improving their broadband service. 

Furthermore, 81 per cent of respondents who do not currently have access to broadband said they would like to subscribe to a service if one was available. 

Nearly 100 people without a connection claimed they would only consider signing up if faster speeds could be guaranteed. 

“The results of the survey send a very clear message that there is a huge demand from residents and businesses for improved broadband in the area," commented chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee councillor Peter Argyle.

Scotland’s broadband services are amongst the poorest in the UK and in Aberdeenshire 17 per cent of all addresses have no connection due to infrastructure constraints.

It is areas like this that are ideally suited to satellite broadband. This technology does not require any major developments, such as the laying of underground cables and construction of phone masts, and is fully functional after the installation of a small satellite dish and modem.

As the connection is provided by a satellite in space, the same fast, reliable service of up to 20 Mbps is available in even the most remote areas. 

What's more, it is available immediately and is not dependant on funding from the government or local councils. 

Households are normally connected within two weeks of placing an order, take a look at our website or contact Avonline to find out more.