North Devon set for Freeview retune ahead of 4G header image

Residents in areas of North Devon will need to retune their Freeview equipment on or after May 22nd. 

This is in preparation for the rollout of 4G mobile broadband in the area. To free up the airwaves for transmission of the service, work will be taking place at the Huntshaw Cross transmitter group, meaning around 66,000 homes will be affected. 

On May 22nd, several TV channels, such as BBC One, ITV and Channel 4 will be shifted to new frequencies. 

Households that use Freeview will need to retune their TV or set-top box to pick up the channels again. 

Similar work has already been undertaken across the UK and will continue throughout the year. 

As of June 5th, large cities such as Plymouth and Exeter will also require a retune.

Devon is a predominantly rural county and it can be difficult to get a fast and reliable broadband connection in certain areas. 

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Posted by Craig Roberts