Public 'want universal service commitment of 20 Mbps' header image

The universal service commitment for broadband in the UK should be to deliver minimum speeds of 20 Mbps, according to a new survey. 

A poll carried out by thinkbroadband found that around one in three internet users would like to see this introduced as the basic requirement for broadband services.

This is in stark contrast to the government's universal service commitment, which aims to provide the whole of the UK with minimum speeds of two Mbps.

Thinkbroadband said the results of the survey show that a large number of people think the target of two Mbps is "past its use-by date".

More than 1,800 internet users contributed to the pool, with 75 per cent of these saying they would be happy to change broadband provider if it meant receiving a faster connection. 

Download speeds of 20 Mbps are required for an internet service to be classed as 'super-fast'. 

The public is clearly becoming more aware of this issue, as when the same survey was ran for the first time in 2009, 27 per cent of people cited 20 Mbps as the preferred minimum speed compared to around 30 per cent this year. 

The government is aiming to provide 90 per cent of the UK with broadband connections of 20 Mbps or more by 2015 through the Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) scheme. 

However, there are concerns that the project may run over into 2016 or later. Furthermore, the remaining ten per cent of the country will only be guaranteed minimum speeds of two Mpbs, which could leave many people unsatisfied with their internet service.

This 'final ten per cent' will mainly be located in rural and remote 'hard to reach' regions that are not seen as commercially viable for an upgrade to super-fast broadband. 

However, it is still possible for residents of these areas to receive a high-speed connection.

The Tooway satellite broadband service provided by Avonline can provided speeds of up to 20 Mbps and requires nothing more than the installation of a small satellite dish and modem to get started, making it an ideal choice for rural areas.