BT is building a monopoly, says TalkTalk header image

The chief executive of TalkTalk has criticised BT's domination of the super-fast broadband industry.

Talking to the Daily Telegraph, Dido Harding called for regulatory oversight of BT’s £2.5 billion fibre optic rollout, claiming the project is uncompetitive and damaging to the UK economy.

Ms Harding was speaking in response to comments from BT boss Ian Livingston, who had called TalkTalk chairman Sir Charles Dunstone a "copper luddite" after he claimed BT is getting an unfair amount of state support.

She stated: "Monopolies on their own rarely spearhead national growth - only a luddite would think that."

Ms Harding welcomed BT's investment in the UK's broadband infrastructure, but said it should not be detrimental to competition.

She described herself as "surprised and disappointed" by Mr Livingston's comments.

A BT spokesperson responded by claiming that other companies had "deeper pockets but shorter arms" and were not willing to invest as much in the rollout.

Posted by Mark Wynn