UK must 'avoid creating a digital divide' header image

The government needs to 'plug the gaps' in the UK's broadband services, according to The Kenton Group.

It said coverage should be extended to the whole country and 'blackspots' with poor connectivity must be removed to prevent the creation of a "digital divide".

The network specialist, which designs and develops telecommunication products, claimed that nearly a quarter of the population are without access to broadband and this needs to be addressed.

It also said that 2.5 million residents and businesses can only go online with connections of less than one Mbps, which disadvantages commerce, limits access to vital services and can increase isolation.

“Digital technology is as important today as roads, bridges and trains were in the 20th century cap down.

"While the developments around high-speed broadband are incredibly positive for the country’s development, we must not neglect those who still cannot access broadband - we need to connect them and bring them up to speed," claimed John Larkin, managing director of The Kenton Group.

He added: "Looking to the future, every aspect of our lives will be dependent on the services that the digital network provides, therefore it’s critical that we address this now.”

While the government aims to provide 90 per cent of the UK with super-fast broadband, this is not expected to be complete until at least 2015.

Furthermore, the remaining ten per cent of homes and businesses will only be guaranteed minimum download speeds of two Mbps, which is rarely sufficient for video streaming or downloading large files.

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