UK average broadband speed 'is 6.5 Mbps' header image

The average broadband speed in the UK is 6.5 Mbps, according to new research.

Akamai has released its 'State of the Internet' report for the fourth quarter of 2012, which analysed broadband services and online trends throughout the world.

An average download speed of 6.5 Mbps represents a 2.2 per cent increase from the third quarter of last year, but is still well below the 20 Mbps required for super-fast broadband.

The report found that 11 per cent of internet users in the UK were able to access a broadband service of ten Mbps or more, which was unchanged from the last quarter.

While the UK's average connection speed has improved, it is lagging behind other nations in Europe and beyond.

Akamai found that Britain currently has the 13th fastest broadband in Europe. The countries with the quickest connections are Latvia, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, all of which have average speeds of over eight Mbps.

On a worldwide scale, the UK is ranked 18th, down from 17th in the last quarter. South Korea has the world's fastest connection, with an average speed of 14 Mbps. Japan and Hong Kong were ranked second and third respectively.

Akami's figures are significantly lower than those calculated by Ofcom earlier this year.

In March, the telecommunications watchdog released a report that claimed the average broadband speed in the UK was 12.1 Mbps.

However, it also found that the typical connection in rural areas was just 5.9 Mbps.

While calculating an exact average speed for the UK's broadband services is difficult, both of these surveys show that most Britons do not have access to a super-fast connection.

The Tooway satellite broadband service provided by Avonline can provide speeds of up to 20 Mbps.

It uses completely different technology to other forms of broadband, such as cable and ADSL, meaning the connection is not shared wit