Essex village considers broadband improvements header image

The Essex village of Berden is considering several options to improve broadband services for its residents.

Placing a wireless repeater station on top of the parish church, which dates back to the middle ages, is one of the options being evaluated, the Herts and Essex Observer reports.

Campaigners from the village have also registered their interest in upgrading broadband services with Essex County Council, which may be able to provide funding for the improvements.

Another solution that has been suggested is running a connection from the nearby National Grid sub-station at Stocking Pelham.

Berden parish councillor John Barber said that faster broadband services would make a huge difference to people in the area who have to work from home.

Any residents of the village who require immediate access to a high-speed internet connection could benefit from satellite broadband, which can be quickly set up through the installation of a satellite dish and modem.

Posted by Mark Wynn