Welsh MP questions broadband rollout process header image

A Welsh MP has raised concerns about the rollout of super-fast broadband in the country.

Mark Williams, the MP for Ceredigion, has questioned David Jones, the Welsh secretary of state, about the process used to prioritise areas for the introduction of the Superfast Cymru project.

He is unhappy that Ceredigion has been placed in the second phase of the scheme's rollout and asked Mr Jones if he knew how the process was decided. The secretary of state said he will inquire further, local newspaper the Tivyside Advertiser reports

Speaking from the House of Commons, Mr Williams commented: "I am disappointed Ceredigion has been put into the second phase of the rollout."

He said that as a rural area with many remote locations, Ceredigion should "more than qualify" for the first phase of the rollout.

As things stand, Mr Williams' constituency, which is located on Wales' west coast, will have to wait two years for the introduction of super-fast broadband.

Posted by Craig Roberts