South Lincolnshire looks to improve broadband  header image

Talks are to be held about improving broadband connections in parts of South Lincolnshire.

Many rural villages in the South Kesteven district suffer from limited coverage and possible ways to boost the area's connection are set to be discussed, with installing Wi-Fi masts on community buildings seen as one option.

South Kesteven District Council has already agreed to invest £536,000 in the onLincolnshire programme, which aims to bring super-fast broadband to 90 per cent of the county, the Sleaford Standard reports.

However, some areas are still likely to struggle with a lack of connectivity and the council has pledged to provide a further £30,000 to remedy this.

So far 1,855 people and businesses have registered with the onLincolnshire project, including many from villages such as Pickworth and Aunby, which have extremely poor or no internet access at all.

Local councillor Paul Carpenter said the council will be talking with local communities about the possibility of adding Wi-Fi technology to public buildings.

He added: “Internet access is important to the whole of the district. It will be useful for not only those who use the building but also those in the immediate vicinity."

Posted by Craig Roberts