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If you live in a rural or remote location, you might have thought that having a sub-standard internet connection was just the price you have to pay for living outside a built-up area. For a long time that may have been the case, but not anymore.

Thanks to satellite broadband, high-quality, super-fast internet is now available whether you live in an isolated village or a busy city. If you're not sure whether it's right for you, a few of its main benefits are listed below.

A fast and reliable service

The satellite broadband service offered by Avonline can now reach speeds of up to 20 Mbps, which makes it super-fast. A high-speed connection like this is necessary if you want to make the most of the opportunities the web has to offer, such as video streaming, online gaming, downloading and uploading files and working from home.

This is considerably faster than the UK's average broadband speed, which according to a recent study by Ofcom is 12.1 Mbps and only 5.9 Mbps in rural areas. While all of Avonline's packages provide speeds of 'up to' 20 Mbps, satellite services are often able to perform closer to their maximum than other broadband connections such as ADSL.

Satellite broadband runs on completely different technology the internet services offered by companies like BT. This means you won't be sharing your network with numerous other households, which can lead to connections becoming noticeably slower.

Universal coverage

It's possible for satellite technology to provide internet coverage anywhere in the world and Avonline's service is available throughout most of Europe. Everyone is the same distance away from a satellite in space, meaning people in remote rural locations can access satellite broadband as easily as someone in a major city.

This is particularly useful for homes and businesses that are located in an area that is a long way from the nearest data exchange, or is not seen as commercially viable by the major internet service providers.

Ease of installation

All that satellite broadband needs to function is a small dish on the outside of your property, which is connected by a single wire to a modem. There's no need for any time-consuming and disruptive infrastructure development like constructing telephone masts and laying underground cables. Avonline's service doesn't even require a phone line.

Installation usually takes no more than one or two hours and the process is normally complete in ten working days, meaning you could be enjoying a fast and reliable internet connection within two weeks. A wireless router can be connected as well, allowing you to go online anywhere in your home.


Avonline's service includes a range of additional features that provide excellent value for money. Your satellite dish can be used to receive the subscription free Freesat TV service, which includes over 75 channels and radio stations, or it can be connected to a Sky digital box for a small installation fee.

Once online you'll also be available to take advantage of programmes like Skype or Apple’s Facetime, which allow you make free phone calls over the net.

Posted by Craig Roberts