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The UK's broadband services do not adequately meet the needs of today's businesses, according to members of the IT industry.

In last year's Budget, the chancellor George Osborne claimed the UK will have "the most connected countryside in Europe” as a result of government funding for the rollout of super-fast broadband. However, many areas are yet to experience a noticeable improvement.

David Richards, network administrator at computer testing company Eurosoft, said his company is suffering as a result of poor connectivity.

He told Techworld: “We can't get any good fast connection (10Mbps up and down or higher) without paying a ton a month. We can't get fibre internet, even though people three doors down can, which happens to be the town hall.”

Mr Richards added: “Sure we can get 17 Mbps ADSL from BT, but the upload side is really really poor. We need to send huge files to our customers. It takes days, yes days, to upload a file. If it is really bad, we have to put them on to tape and mail the tape out.”

Another IT manager, who is based in Aberdeen, told the technology news website he is annoyed by advertisements for 'infinity broadband' when some areas of the UK still struggle to get a connection of more than one Mbps.

He claimed the government should do more to encourage competition to stimulate broadband improvements as BT "are just too comfortable knowing for most they're the only option".

BT is the only internet service provider to have been awarded contracts through the £530 million Broadband Delivery UK government scheme. Following the recent withdrawal of Fujitsu, it is now the only company eligible to apply for funding.

The Financial Times claimed the bidding system for the project, which was originally devised to encourage competition with BT, has now "descended into farce".

An alternative way to receive a super-fast internet connection in rural areas is satellite broadband. Avonline's service can provide speeds of up to 20 Mbps and is normally installed and operational within ten working days of an order being placed.

Posted by Mark Wynn