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For many people, the whole subject of broadband can be quite confusing. With terms like fibre optic, fixed line and 4G constantly being thrown around, it can be difficult to know exactly what they mean.

Satellite broadband may well be something you have heard of, but you're not really sure how it differentiates from other broadband services and whether it's something that you could benefit from. However, once you are aware of how it works, it's quite a simple concept to understand.

What it is

Satellite broadband connects to the internet via signals transmitted from a satellite. This is different to the majority of broadband services in the UK, which are connected either through cables or an asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL), which is essentially a phone line.

The major advantage of receiving an internet connection via satellite is that it can access any location in the UK so long as the sky is visible. This is in stark contrast to other forms of broadband, which can require the costly and time consuming installation of infrastructure such as wires, cables and telephone masts.

This makes satellite broadband ideal for remote and rural areas where other internet services are of poor quality or are not available at all.

How it works

Any building in the UK can receive a satellite broadband connection simply by installing a small dish on the outside of the property. This is then connected to a modem by a single wire.

Installation is usually complete within just one or two hours and the internet is ready to use straightaway. Satellite broadband is now capable of providing download speeds of 20 Mbp/s, which is perfect for streaming video content or playing computer games online.

Another major advantage of the service is that it isn't shared with other users. Cable-based and ADSL broadband connections can be slowed down when too many people are online at the same time, but that isn't an issue with satellite services.

Satellite broadband can provide complete coverage of the whole UK and virtually the entire world. This means the quality of service is completely unaffected by issues such as distance from the nearest data exchange or damage and corrosion of copper cabling.

Our service

Avonline is the largest provider of satellite broadband in the UK. We provide the Tooway service, which is Europe's fastest customer-orientated satellite internet provider.

We have the largest team of accredited installers in the country and have been connecting homes and businesses to the internet since 2002.

A selection of five different packages are available, all of which are designed to suit the requirements of our customers, depending on what they need from their internet connection.

Our basic package costs only £16.95 a month, while our Absolute package, which provides unlimited data allowances and super-fast download speeds, is currently just £64.95 per month.

Free phone calls and 150 high definition TV channels are also included with some of our packages. Switching is incredibly easy, as installation takes no longer than ten days, so regardless of your location, you could be enjoying high-speed internet access within two weeks.

Posted by Craig Roberts