Berkshire residents call for super-fast rollout to include smaller areas  header image

Residents of Berkshire have stressed the importance of super-fast broadband for local communities in the county.

Tony Wilkinson, who lives on the outskirts of Wokingham, is currently connected to BT's cabinet in the town and receives download speeds of around five Mbps. However, this area is not included in plans for commercial suppliers to upgrade internet services in the county.

"BT said they had no intention of bringing super-fast broadband to that cabinet," he commented.

"They cited something about it not being commercially viable, which amazed me as my neighbour is self-employed and I know of one or two others who have small businesses and work from home."

Michael Noak, from nearby village Finchampstead, said many of the home-workers in the area are people in senior positions who need a fast and reliable connection, getreading reports.

"They need rapid access to corporate databases to do this. The old service of one Mbps could not deliver this," he stated.

Mr Noak claimed faster internet speeds would make the area more attractive and would live up to Wokingham Borough Council's strapline ‘A great place to live, an even better place to do business’.

He is calling for local residents to sign up to the Superfast Berkshire project, which aims to bring 24 Mbps broadband to 90 per cent of the county and at least two Mbps to the remaining ten per cent of hard to reach areas by 2015.

The scheme is currently still in the planning phase and aims to have a signed a contract with a service provider by July this year. It has launched a public consultation to collect the views of local residents and businesses about the areas that should be included in the project.

An alternative way to receive super-fast internet in areas that currently have poor connectivity is satellite broadband. It is available immediately and is not dependant on intervention from the government or local councils. Click here to find out more.

Posted by Craig Roberts