More people are unsatisfied with their internet service provider header image

The number of people who are unsatisfied with their internet service provider (ISP) has grown, according to a new survey by comparison site Broadband Genie.

Only 60 per cent of UK broadband users said they would recommend their ISP, compared to 70 per cent in 2012.

The survey found the worst performing providers to be Be Broadband and BT, with only 54 and 57 per cent of their customers saying they would recommend the service.

This is a remarkable decline for BE, as in last year's survey 80 per cent of its users were willing to recommend the company.

Customers also gave their opinion on their ISP's customer service, reliability, technical support and speed satisfaction. Feedback for each of these categories was generally less positive than in 2012.

This is despite the survey showing that average internet speeds have more than doubled, reaching 9.3Mbp/s compared to 4Mbp/s last year.  

The average upload speed is much lower at just 1.48Mbp/s.

Posted by Mark Wynn