Objections to broadband cables in national parks   header image

A former secretary of state for the environment is concerned that the development of high-speed broadband in rural areas could damage national parks.

Speaking to Planning Magazine, Lord Deben claimed that new broadband networks could lead to overhead cables being built in national parks without the necessary scrutiny.

He said: "So ham-fisted is the arrangement proposed that it opens the way to ugly boxes and masts in the most beautiful countryside without any planning procedure.”

A solution to this problem may be satellite broadband.

It has already proved successful in providing reliable internet connections in rural areas and requires far less development at ground level, limiting its impact on the countryside and environment.

Lord Deben's comments were made in relation to the Growth and Infrastructure Bill, which is expected to be passed by parliament this week.

The aim of the bill is to boost the economy by making it easier to build new developments in the countryside.

Posted by Craig Roberts