Big ISPs are 'misleading' customers header image

Large internet service providers (ISPs) are misleading customers, according to a new survey by ISPreview.

Almost nine out of ten people said they believe big ISPs have inaccurate advertising campaigns, particularly in regard to connection speeds and pricing.

Only four per cent of the internet users surveyed said they did not feel that providers promote their service through misleading adverts.

Connection speed is by far the most serious concern, with 75 per cent of customers saying that ISPs do not live up to the claims made in their commercials.

However, only five per cent felt misled about customer support.

Broadband users are clearly in favour of tighter regulations being introduced, as 97 per cent said the advertising watchdog should be given greater powers to punish repeat offenders.

Just over half of the people surveyed claimed a financial penalty would be the best form of punishment. Nineteen per cent of customers stated that a temporary ban on advertising should be enforced.

Posted by Mark Wynn