BE Broadband allegedly cuts off user without warning header image

BE Broadband may face investigation from the Advertising Standards Agency after cutting off a customer due to 'excessive' use.

The user was allegedly given just 14 days to find a new broadband provider after BE terminated its service without warning, ISPreview reports.

BE does apply a 'fair usage policy' to its unlimited packages, which warns customers not to "make excessive use of" or place "unusual burdens" on the network.

However, the user in question claims they were not given any warning or a chance to limit their usage before BE terminated their contract.

This raises questions about whether companies should really use the terminology 'unlimited' when advertising a broadband service and what constitutes excessive use.

A recent survey by comparison website Broadband Genie found that a large number of BE's customers were dissatisfied with the company.

Only 54 per cent of the provider's users said they would recommend the service.

Posted by Craig Roberts