Exmoor aims to fund its own super-fast broadband header image

Residents of Exmoor hope to create their own super-fast broadband network, after BT turned down the opportunity.

A group comprised of local residents and businesses will bid for a portion of the government's Rural Community Broadband Fund, which aims to bring high-speed internet to remote areas of the UK, the BBC reports.

The group hopes they will receive £500,000 from the fund and the rest of the costs will be met by local investors.

A spokesperson for the group told the BBC: "Our aspiration is to try and get everywhere on Exmoor on super-fast broadband."

BT turned down the opportunity to bring high-speed broadband to the area of Devon, due to the high costs involved and concerns over the potential return.

Exmoor is just one of many regions in the UK that suffers from a slow and unreliable internet connection. A potential solution to this problem is satellite broadband, which can provide a high-speed internet connection without the need for large-scale infrastructure development.

Posted by Craig Roberts