Public says yes to faster broadband in Oxfordshire header image

Residents and businesses in Oxfordshire have voted in favour of bringing super-fast broadband to the county.

Oxfordshire County Council conducted a poll to gauge if there is sufficient demand to warrant improving internet connection speeds.

More than 6,000 people responded to the survey and 21 per cent of these have broadband speeds as slow as one Mbp/s, the Oxford Times reports.

All of the respondents said they would upgrade to a faster connection if it was available and 99 per cent of businesses agreed.

Just under half of people said they would be willing to double the price they currently pay for a better broadband service.

The council plans to invest £13.86 million into bringing high-speed internet to Oxfordshire and hopes to have achieved this by 2015.

It now needs to choose an internet service provider to carry out the project. A formal announcement is expected in the spring and work will begin later this year.