Monmouthshire village is angry with BT broadband header image

Residents in a Monmouthshire village are angry with BT's "dreadful" broadband service.

Some people in Bully Hole Bottom in south-east Wales have been without an internet connection for almost two months, the South Wales Argus reports. Others have encountered problems with their landline phone services, which have now been restored.

Village resident Stephen Read said: "Our phone lines and internet stopped working on Christmas Eve. It’s just so frustrating."

He added that people have to drive to Chepstow just to send an email or make a phone call.

The village does not receive mobile phone coverage, so access to a landline phone is crucial.

Mr Read's wife, Jillian, said: "There are a lot of older people in the valley and a lot of them live alone. What would happen if they had a fall if they couldn’t ring the emergency services? It’s dreadful."

BT has apologised for the problems, saying it has had to repair 14 meters of underground cable and a junction box, which were damaged by a third party.

Posted by Craig Roberts