Researchers work to boost online performance header image

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen are trying to improve broadband speeds and boost the performance of online games and video.

They are working as part of a project that aims to reduce online delays, know as latency, by rewriting the way computers communicate with each other.

This could lead to eliminating problems like persistent buffering when streaming a video online.

Professor Gorry Fairhurst, an internet engineer from the University of Aberdeen, said: "It’s a problem we all notice when you’re using a program like Skype. If anyone else in the house is watching a video at the same time your video connection becomes jerky and often crashes."

He claimed this is a wide-reaching issue that effects people as varied as computer game players and stock market traders.

Prof Fairhurst said the researchers believe they can solve this issue by making "small but important" alterations to the way computers and the network process online data.

The project is a three-year scheme, which has received over £3 million in funding from the European Commission.

Posted by Mark Wynn