Mobile job searches have doubled header image

The number of people using mobile devices to search for jobs online has doubled, according to C&M Recruitment Consultancy.

It reported a 101 per cent increase of people looking for work using mobile internet in the last 12 months.

Barbara Kolosinska, a sales director at C&M, said: "This is the true growth area of recruitment. We are paying particular attention to the possibilities that this presents and any recruiters that don’t adapt to these technologies risk paying the consequences in years to come."

Mobile searches now account for 19 per cent of traffic to the C&M website, compared to just under 11 per cent a year ago.

Ms Kolosinska said it is clear that more people are using smartphones and tablet computers to search for jobs and recruiters will need to improve their mobile services to attract the best talent.

Mobile internet is currently in a period of substantial growth. A recent survey by Cisco found the amount of mobile traffic rose by 70 per cent in 2012.

Posted by Mark Wynn