New BDUK guidance for wireless networks header image

The government's Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) scheme has released new guidance for the development of fixed wireless networks.

It is now possible for wireless internet service providers (ISPs) to participate in the BDUK scheme, but only under strict conditions.

Previously only BT and Fujitsu had been approved to bid for funding through the project, with BT winning every contract to date.

However, wireless providers will only be awarded funding if they can meet a number of requirements.

These include providing download speeds in excess of 30 Mbp/s and doubling the average connection speed in the target area.

The ISP must be able to prove their service will improve end-user experience and is capable of providing advanced services such as video-conferencing and HD video streaming.

They will also be required to present evidence highlighting why a wireless network is preferable to a wired connection.

The BDUK scheme is a government initiative that provides funding for ISPs to install super-fast broadband throughout the UK.

Posted by Mark Wynn