Bundle deals 'leave customers confused' header image

Bundle deals that include broadband, TV and home phone services leave people so confused they are unsure of what they have signed up to, according to Freeview and Post Office Home Phone and Broadband.

The organisations conducted a joint survey that shows 72 per cent of people find small print so difficult to understand they don't read it fully.

This confusion can have negative implications, as a third of people said they are unsatisfied with their current bundle.

A further 42 per cent of bundle users said they receive bills that are higher than expected.

Hugh Stacey, head of Post Office HomePhone and Broadband, said: "Whilst some deals may seem great value for money on first glance, the small print can often tell a different story."

He added that while introductory packages provide good value at first, charges often rise steeply once the "honeymoon period" is over.

Mr Stacey said that customers should always thoroughly review any bundle deal before committing to a contract.

Posted by Craig Roberts