800 people missed out on Welsh broadband support header image

Over 800 people who applied for help from the Welsh Broadband Support Scheme did not receive any funding.

The scheme is a £4 million government initiative that provides funding of £1,000 for people in rural areas of Wales that do not have access to broadband. It has recently been announced that the project will be stopped in March. 

A freedom of information act request shows that of the 4,869 people who applied for funding between 2010 and 2013, only 4,066 were successful, the Daily Post reports.

In North Wales, more than one in ten applicants did not receive the grant.

Edwina Hart, minister for business, enterprise, technology and science in Wales, has criticised the scheme, saying obstacles were placed in the way of residents and businesses.

Richard Brown, head of communications consultancy Wispa IT, described the project as an "utter failure".

However, the Welsh government has defended the scheme, saying it has been "highly successful" in addressing internet 'hot-spots' and 'not-spots' throughout Wales.

Posted by Craig Roberts