Faster Broadband for Worcestershire scheme wants public support header image

The Faster Broadband for Worcestershire scheme is urging the public to show their support for improving internet connection speeds in the county.

It hopes that if residents register their interest in upgrading the area's broadband, it will demonstrate the county has the necessary demand for the improvements to take place.

Paul Mead, a resident of the village of Upper Bentley, told the Redditch Advertiser that high-speed internet is essential to allow him to work from home.

He said: "I have been provided with all the technology required to work from home, however I am unable to do so due to our very slow broadband and poor 3G reception."

This means Mr Mead has to make a 100-mile round trip to his office, just to access a better internet connection.

Worcestershire County Councils claims super-fast broadband is crucial for the area, as poor connection speeds may deter businesses from operating in the county. 

Posted by Mark Wynn