Only one per cent of Oxfordshire businesses have super-fast broadband header image

The vast majority of businesses in Oxfordshire do not have access to high-speed broadband connections, according to a recent survey.

Only one per cent of the companies polled said they have download speeds of at least 25 Mb/ps, the Buckingham Advertiser reports.

This means the county is likely to struggle to meet the government's target of 90 per cent coverage for super-fast broadband by 2015.

Almost half of the businesses surveyed are currently relying on internet connections that fall below the government's minimum requirement of 2 Mbp/s download speeds.

Oxfordshire County Council hopes a £13.86 million investment scheme will help to address the issue. However, the project is still at the procurement stage, with the successful bidder not expected to be announced until the spring.

The council has provided £10 million of the investment, with the Broadband Delivery UK scheme contributing the remainder.

It hopes to attract further investment from the private sector.

Posted by Craig Roberts