Slow broadband affecting Essex charity header image

A charity in Essex is being hampered by its slow broadband connection.

The Lighthouse Project in Hutton near Brentwood supplies recycled furniture and household items to the homeless and people in need.

It has been unable to send out a large number of refurbished computers because its BT internet connection is too slow, the Brentwood Gazette reports.

The organisation, which also has premises in Rayleigh and Epping, had hoped its Hutton centre could act as its headquarters for storing financial data.

However, due to its poor broadband service, the charity has had to spend £6,000 on installing the relevant software at each of its branches.

Michael Kushin, the organisation's operations and IT manager, said he is frustrated with BT's broadband speeds, which are less than one Mb/ps.

He claims that despite having spoken to the company about the issue for several years, it is not interested in improving its service.

A BT spokesperson claimed the distance between the Hutton premises and the nearest data exchange is responsible for the slow speeds.

They added: "We have investigated thoroughly and have got this line working at the best speed available on it. We will be in contact direct to discuss this issue."

Posted by Mark Wynn