Super-fast broadband could 'generate £28 million' for Surrey header image

The introduction of super-fast broadband could generate £28 million for Surrey, according to its county council.

It believes high-speed internet would be of such a benefit to the area that it wants to exceed the government's target of providing 90 per cent coverage.

Surrey County Council hopes to have connected 15,000 homes to super-fast services by the end of September this year. They will be served by 14 new data exchanges at various locations across the county.

The council then hopes to provide universal access to high-speed services throughout the area by the end of next year.

It claims this will make Surrey the most connected county in the UK.

Surrey County Council deputy leader Peter Martin said: "The benefits will be massive. Helping businesses trade online will provide an estimated £28 million boost to the economy annually."

He added that virtually everyone in Surrey will be able to enjoy fast, reliable broadband access, helping them to stay ahead in the digital world.

Posted by Craig Roberts